Dear Wayne

18 juni 2019 

Ps. Normaal gesproken begin ik mijn dag met yoga en meditatie. Deze dag voelt anders. Ik pak een boek, en begin te lezen in bed. Een paar bladzijden verder ben ik zo geïnspireerd dat ik besluit om de schrijver van het boek een brief te schrijven. De brief is klaar, en ineens realiseer ik me dat Wayne Dyer in 2015 is overleden. In gedachten lees ik de brief aan hem voor, en aan alles in mij voel ik dat iets van hem het hoort. Het niet-fysieke deel dat nooit verloren gaat.

Dear Wayne, 

I want to share with you this amazing story, about synchronicity and your part in it. Since six months I am working as a yoga teacher in my own yoga studio (after a burn out I made big life changes), and I am trying to live on inspiration, which means I don’t plan and I don’t think my career, but I let it come to me.  

A couple of weeks ago, I was lacking inspiration for my classes, so I decided to do what I helps me to get in alignment: nature walks, meditation and yoga. On my way to this park in my neighbourhood, I passed by a tiny little garden library near my house. I was pulled to it, but as I have seen the books in this outdoor library many times, I ignored the impulse. The nature walk was amazing, I felt myself moving back into that sweet spot, the place of inspiration and joy. I knew what to do in the coming yoga classes. On the way back home, I passed by the tiny garden library again. This time the pull was so strong, I couldn’t ignore it. And there it was, shining bright and pink: You’ll see it when you believe it’ – Wayne Dyer. A 1989 version. I knew this book had been pulling me, though I never read any of your books before. I took it home, sat down in front of my house and started reading. It resonated from the first words.
Last weekend. I made a series of classes around chakra’s, and this week it’s all about the heart chakra. I had difficulties finding the right words to explain this chakra. I watched all the videos on YouTube on the heart chakra for inspiration, but the right words were not there. Again, I realize that I am looking, an not letting it come to me. I decide to let it go. At night in bed I allow myself to read one page of your book, before going to sleep. Page 71. I can’t quote as my book is in Dutch, but it’s the quote from Einstein where he talks about the human being as part of the universe. On how we need to set ourselves the task to free us from the prison and expand our circle of compassion, so that every living being and the whole of nature with all his beauty can fit into it. I realize, this is what the heart chakra is about. This is it. The perfect words, at the perfect time. I fall asleep with inspiration and clarity.
Next day. In my mind I am trying to think about the connection between emotions around love, compassion, harmony, etc. and the physical counterparts. What physical ailments and diseases could be connected when out of balance in this area. In my mind the word cancer pops up. As I can see how, when you as an individual don’t feel connected to the whole, the single cells will reflect that as acting as being not part of the whole. Like cancer. Emotions like lack of love, lack of compassion, lack of connection, will cause your cells to act without love, compassion and connection. Omg, this is it. Such an insight. I look on google to see if my idea about this is actually connected to the heart chakra, but I can’t find it. It feels so logical to me, but I can’t find any good articles or websites about it. I feel disappointed. Did I make it up? The thoughts felt so clear and inspired.. 

Today. Normally I meditate and do yoga when I wake up. Today I take your book and start reading in bed. I read the paragraph ‘A clear contact with the whole’. It’s about cells acting disconnected: cancer. Wow. The words you write, are the exact words that were in my mind yesterday. It’s bizar. It’s amazing. In the chapter before you write how we are all deeply connected to each other, and for me this is a perfect example of that deep connection. Your words, before even reading them, are already in my mind. The intelligence in my body is guiding me to everything I need in the moment. Your book was one of the things I needed, even though I didn’t know it myself. I read the right words at the perfect time. Also, you write about time, how time doesn’t exist. Isn’t this again a perfect example? The words you thought and wrote down in 1989, are popping up in my mind these days. Your book resonates with me today, as your thoughts are still active vibrations. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, deep down in my heart chakra, for putting your inspired thoughts on paper and in my mind. For being in alignment while you were writing this book and for following the path you followed. By all these things, you created your own life, but you are also creating mine. 
With love and kindness,